Teenagers Driver’s Education

Teenager Driver's Education

We are a TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) approved and licensed course.


Student needs to be 15-21 years old (We do accept older students as well)

Course Information

The course is about 4 weeks long (16 days for 2 hours each day). It is a 32 hour course which is required by the state of Texas. The dates of the classroom do not necessarily include the 14 hours of behind the wheel also required by the state. The behind-the-wheel (actual driving) is a separate course which is taught by a different set of instructors once the student acquires their permit (normally some time after day 4 of the class, after passing our test and going to DPS with our certificate). The student will have 6 months from the start date to complete all driving hours.
The final hour of behind-the-wheel driving will be given in a format similar to the test that the student will receive at the Department of Public Safety when they go to apply for their drivers license. The student will not receive their final certificate from us until they have passed the test that they will receive during this final hour of the driving portion of the course. If they fail the test on their first attempt, subsequent attempts will incur a charge of $45 per attempt until they successfully pass the test.

30 Hour Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log Tips

  • Hours have to take place on a minimum of 30 different days. Only 1 hour of behind-the-wheel instruction per day will count toward the requisite 30 hours.
  • 10 of the 30 hours must take place at night time.
  • Night Time is defined as one half-hour after the sun has set. Mid-November through Mid-March, night time begins at 7PM. Mid-March through Mid-November, night time begins at 8:30PM.
  • The signature and driver’s license number of the supervising adult must be written after each logged hour on the space provided on the log sheet.
  • Don’t forget to put your student’s permit number after your name in the DL# space. Your permit number will be your driver’s license number after you pass your driving exam at DPS.

Course Fee


  • 32 Hour Course
  • Required 14 hours (7 actual driving & 7 Observation) of driving
  • $145 down of the $385 total in order to start our class
  • The remaining $240 due by the last day of the classroom